our services

Financial Advice

We help you live your best financial life; we do this by delivering proactive advice which is engaging, meaningful and is relevant in today’s world whilst considering your desired lifestyle.

Great Advice specialises in goals-based advice; this means that your goal is our mission. We will explore your goals, navigate a way forward and review and adapt to your new circumstances to help you be always ready to seize opportunities.

  • We invest your retirement and lifestyle savings to meet your personal unique goals.
  • We protect what is important to you and your loved ones by evaluating your insurance needs and providing affordable solutions.
  • We give you peace of mind knowing that your best interests are always met with consideration and with a professional service.

Loan Broking

We provide a loan brokerage service with your wholistic goals in mind. We provide you with loans for:

  • Your Home
  • Your Investments
  • Your Equipment Finance
  • Your Vehicle

We don’t just provide you with loans, we also show you how they impact you and how to pay them off faster. We believe lending is an important tool in assisting our clients to achieve their goals. “This is why we have this service offering Inhouse”.