Who we are

Great Advice is a team of passionate professionals specialising in financial strategies that are designed to give you the best chance of fulfilling your most desired aspirations, hopes and dreams whilst also alleviating financial worry and stress in your life.

Our Difference

We believe that there are ways of providing better advice through creating a new Standard of Financial Planning. Our priority is to always put our client in a better position.

How we work together

We get to know each other.
We help with your goals and determine what is most important to you, as well as any challenges that might prevent you from achieving these.

We design a suitable strategy for you.
Once you have made the decision to trust us with your financial affairs we will build a detailed picture of your current situation, obtain a deep understanding of your financial and non-financial goals, and design personalised strategy to help you achieve what is most important to you.

We stick to your goal.
We will provide ongoing advice and support throughout the course of our engagement. We’ll schedule annual reviews to regularly assess and update plans, so that we continuously work towards your objectives and aspirations and keep you focused and on track.

Great Advice areas
of specialisation


Make the most out of your Super! Great Advice can provide you with strategies so you can have greater control and flexibility over your investment decisions appropriate to your needs whilst also having tax advantages.


Preparing for life’s milestones. To help you prepare for your life goals and build a financially secure future. Be prepared against costly uncertainties so that you and your family can have peace of mind no matter what happens. Protecting you, your income and your family.


Unsure how to invest, where to invest and why people invest? We’ll provide you with access and advice on a wide range of investment options to help grow your money for the years ahead.

Retirement Planning

Time can be your worst enemy and your best friend when it comes to retirement planning. It is never too early to start and it is never too late to do something – but the longer you leave it, the less impact your plan will have. Start now to ensure you achieve your desired lifestyle in retirement and the future.


Saving your hard earned cash may sometimes seem harder than earning it! Start small and develop a habit of saving money every pay and before you know you are on your way to achieving your goals and creating more opportunities with your money. The team at Great Advice provide solutions to these common questions every day – so come to us for some Great Advice on how we can help you get ahead! We have some great tools and resources that are sure to assist.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice refers to using pre-tax money to contribute to Super, so you’ll have more money for retirement. Want to learn more how it works and how you could save tax by making before tax contributions to your super? Call us for some Great Advice today!

Cash flow

Our passion is to provide guidance to help our clients understand their cash flow situation and to be able to provide them with advice on better structuring their finances. We aim to understand your spending habits to help you manage your finances. We care about the things that matters to you most so you can achieve your financial priorities.

Debt Management

The value for us in talking about debt is a must do. This is one of most important issue people are dealing with. Debt is one of the largest part of people’s concern and worries. Great Advice will be working towards strategies and ideas to help you with your debt reduction and plans for the future.

Our Client Engagement Process



Getting to know each other to establish trusting relationship. Through this step, we work together to understand your financial goals and determine what are most important to you.


your situation

Great Advice strives to clearly understand your situation and financial objectives, needs and priorities. We collect sufficient quantitative information and documents relevant to your scope of engagement before implementing any recommendations.



Great Advice aim to understand the timelines for your goals and evaluate your attitude to risk to develop the most appropriate financial strategy for your personal circumstances.



Great Advice will illustrate how the strategies we have identified for you will make the most of your resources that is tailored to your needs.



Great Advice will proactively execute your financial plan. We will work closely with you to ensure that the recommendations we have provided are properly implemented and are aligned with your priorities.


Ongoing Reviews

Through regular assessments and updates, Great Advice will continuously work towards your goals and aspirations and keep you focused and on track.

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At Great Advice, it’s not all about giving you offers and products but presenting you meaningful suggestions that may impact your chances of achieving the outcomes important to you. That is Great Advice!