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2 SEPTEMBER 2019 | by George Iacovou

Financial independence gives us the opportunity to live the way we want. Here are 6 simple tips that can help you achieve a financially healthy lifestyle ….

16 August 2019 | by George Iacovou
planning for a family

Here are some tips on how to get financially ready for a baby and know your options! 1. If you are looking at private clinics and hospitals, ensure you get private health insurance 12 months before, as most private health funds have waiting periods for pregnancy. Also, it would be wise to ….

1 August 2019 | by George Iacovou
protect your income

There are many different options when it comes to income protection. 1. How much of my income would be covered? Your occupation type and employment status would determine the sums insured figure but, in most instances, the income protection would ….

15 July 2019 | by George Iacovou
Maintain your lifestyle with family

Are you on track of your financials and saving enough for the uncertain times? Basically, to be in control of your finances you need to have a budget ….

10 July 2019 | by George Iacovou
Getting ready to retire

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10 july 2019 | by George Iacovou
Getting Divorced

When two people decide to end marriage, they may think of divorce as a fair solution to get their independence. Impacts on the family and primary financials are some of the major hassles of divorce ….