Welcome to your personal wealth portal, where you can manage
all of your finances in one place, anywhere, any time.



Great Advice is an integrated and holistic approach to help you achieve your goals across all aspects of your life. We take stock of where you are now, where you want to be and will provide you with a set of actions of how to get there.

All your accounts in one
place with one login – credit
cards, bank accounts, home
loans and investment loans
and more.

Easily identify the
value of your investments
and loans and keep
track of your income
and expenses.

Generate reports, use
personalised tools and
create and track goals
to revolutionalise the
way you manage your
financial world.

All of your assets and liabilities are conveniently in one place so you can see everything you need at once. Link all your accounts & more.

Partners with Australia’s leading data providers to ensure that your information is always up to date.

Receive free appraisals of your home & investment properties. Live data feeds track your property & suburb’s performance.

Receive free valuations & performance ratings on your vehicle.

Give guest access to your accountant, property manager or even your lawyer & select what they can view / control.

It’s easy to buy property using the new property tools. Discover how much equity you have, find out what you can buy right now, get a free property appraisal from a local property expert, get home loan pre-approval and track your progress towards living in your next home! In just minutes you’ll be able to realise your property dreams.

Send a request to your property manager to integrate your property & receive free benefits like property transactions, documents & receipts uploaded online. You’ll also have access to special property commands to help you manage your property effectively.

Get a summary of everything you own and owe. See your future wealth projections, review your financial priorities and receive a personalised action plan.

Get a free, simple, no obligation detailed property report online completed by an MP certified local property expert.

Snapshots displays your net worth (what you own minus owe) at the end of each calendar month. It charts your wealth so you can clearly see how your wealth is tracking and keeps you up to date automatically each month.

Your transactions are automatically categorised to allow you to easily see where you’re spending your money. Personalise & manage your transactions to reflect your life by tagging and filtering transactions. Automatically set up reports to monitor spending.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Instant budgets are created around your spending. You’re in control as you have the ability to set limits on categories.

Cut out paperwork. Forms are automatically completed for you where possible. Get super organised by uploading important documents (eg receipts,wills,contracts etc) so you’ll never misplace them again. You can also view & manage all your insurance too.

With the ability to tag & filter transactions as tax items, upload receipts & documents or allow your accountant to access your account to do it all for you…end of financial year just got easier.

Receive personalised tips & suggestions to help you improve your financial situation.

Set & receive notifications, goals & use the calculator to stay on track and achieve your targets quicker. Your savings goals couldn’t get any easier as the goal calculator let’s you visually watch your money grow.

Whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, you’ll have access whenever you need it, 24/7.

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